Web Designer Tools

1. Internet Explorer Collection contains multiple standalone versions of IE, which can be used at the same time for testing purposes. We no longer include IE6 testing with our site prices but add an additional markup if requested by our client in order to get this antiquated, outdated, P.O.S. browser to behave in the best possible way. May we suggest you do the same.

Visit Internet Explorer Collection to download.

2. CSS Compress provides a form to input your Cascading Style Sheets, compress and get things running a little faster on your sites. Options include the ability to strip comments or not. Just make sure you save a back up on your machine as it makes it difficult to edit in the future.

Visit CSS Compress to begin.

3. While there are a few of these sites out there I don’t think anyone is providing a better color mash-up than Colour Lovers. They have a clean site, easy to use interface and plenty of examples to choose from should you not want to tackle the task of making something wholly unique.

Visit Colour Lovers to start your own color trend and see just how much better your designs/illustrations become.