Logo Design

We love creating logos and create 99% of logos in vector software. In other words, all of our creations are scalable for any kind of application, signage, vinyl, and any kind of print.

Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind. ~ W. Landor

We begin our designs by providing you with a questionnaire to get to know about you and your goals regarding your mark. After we receive your info we then throw out some ideas, gather more feedback and then it’s time for some old-fashioned pencil/paper as we sketch out our ideas. Once several directions are on paper, a little refinement is then rendered and any problems are addressed before firing up Adobe Illustrator.

From there 5 roughs are created. Usually still in black/white as color is only an enhancement of a finished logo and any good mark will read well in b/w as well as it does in color. With these 5 mock-ups now in illustrator it is time once again to involve you, the client by sending these designs in a PDF format for you to review. At this point we welcome any ideas and feedback you may have reminding you that these are not the finished pieces but merely directions. At this point we would ask that you narrow the focus and decide on three different looks or directions that we have provided.

Taking these three looks back to the drawing board we will then come up with 2 options for each design (a total of 6 roughs) and ask that you choose one design for us to refine/polish.
We’ll then present one design in several different color options.

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